Mediagenix acquires video distribution services company BeBanjo

Mediagenix has recently announced the acquisition of BeBanjo, a company that streamlines the editorial and operational aspects of video distribution services with its Movida product suite.

This brings together a scheduling and programming solution with a cloud-native VOD planning and scheduling solution in a single portfolio. The combined companies and solutions will reinforce each other to deliver content-centric business management software to the full spectrum of media operators, from broadcasters monetizing their content through a variety of new distribution models, to streaming-centric market segments.

The solution can be fully integrated into the company’s content management workflows or, alternatively, it can be integrated into different modules.

Mediagenix and BeBanjo together will be better able to help clients engage target audiences, minimize OPEX and maximize content ROI.

“We are proud to bring our strategic and product development expertise, as well as an additional set of cloud-native solutions. The joint product offering will open up new possibilities and bring greater value to our customers. And I am delighted by the cultural fit, shared values and shared perspective of BeBanjo and Mediagenix,” said Fran├žois Chabat, CEO of BeBanjo.

“I am very excited to welcome the BeBanjo team in these exciting times when the media business is in the midst of a revolution,” stated Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of MEDIAGENIX. “I strongly believe that having BeBanjo’s professionals will be of great added value for us to lead the technological transformation of media operations worldwide. We have the same customer and product focus, and we work in an environment of open communication and shared values.”

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