MediaKind updates Movistar+ with Aquila On-Demand

MediaKind updates Movistar+ with Aquila On-Demand

Telefonica has announced an agreement with MediaKind to upgrade the user experience of its VOD platform, Movistar+. The service will count with Aquila On-Demand, that will encompass transcoding, transformation, packaging, and delivery capabilities of media assets.

The solution will leverages a multi-site, and scalable deployment, designed to integrate on any cloud infrastructure and enhancing an improvement on the current media processing speed. Aquila is supported by a range of Digital Rights Management (DRM) platforms, including HLS/Fairplay and DASH/CENC. Movistar+ will benefit from premium video quality up to 4K, enabled by MediaKind’s latest HEVC/H264 codec implementations.

Eugenio Lojo, Head of Transmission and Conditional Access, Telefónica, said: “This past year has demonstrated the insatiable consumer demand for premium quality on-demand video streaming, a trend that will continue. We are continuously looking for new ways to pioneer and deliver the best quality service to our customers. MediaKind’s Aquila On-Demand solution provides us with the ideal tools to ensure Movistar+ provides a consistently exceptional viewing experience. The deployment means that Movistar+’s on-demand content can be made available faster and reach more devices, with an improved video and audio quality. Such a deployment is key to delivering a truly next-generation VOD experience that exceeds our viewers’ expectations.”

Stuart Boorn, VP Product Management, MediaKind, said: “We are delighted to help Telefónica enhance its Movistar+ service with Aquila On-Demand. The solution’s innovative microservices design provides Telefónica with the flexibility and scale required to meet increasing on-demand video streaming requirements, exacerbated by the recent global lockdowns. Relying on our robust in-house processing and delivery software, we can help Telefónica deliver a premium viewing experience to its subscribers that exceeds consumer expectations for a modern VOD service, such as premium picture quality and reach on even more devices.”

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