Grupo Mediapro bases eLaLiga Santander production on Panasonic Kairos

Recently, the multinational Panasonic announced that the Mediapro Group is using its Kairos production platform to cover the highest level competition of the FIFA 21 video game in Spain: the eLaLiga Santander.

According to representatives of the audiovisual device manufacturing company, the platform in question has been chosen because it adapts to the production flows of the competition. During the pandemic -an agent that has changed the industry entirely- players were set to compete from their homes. At that time, Kairos was used to aggregate all the signals from the remote cameras, as well as the inputs from two separate studio productions. Finally, the result was broadcast on digital platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

The KAIROS IT/IP video processing platform offers an open software architecture system for live video switching. It has the ability to flex inputs and outputs, independence in formats and resolutions, uses the CPU/GPU processor in its entirety and allows scalability through an unlimited number of “layers” controllable through an interface.

“Kairos is a switcher that stands out from all others on the market,” said Jordi Sacasa, Mixer Operator at Mediapro. “It is a very intuitive and powerful tool for layering and scenes. We need to do a lot of compositing and a lot of PiPs and KAIROS is the ideal switcher to be able to set up an infinite number of scenes. The live video compositing on this production allows us to be fast and solve any unforeseen issues in a moment.”

Roberto Yelamos, Technical Director of Mediapro’s Barcelona Studio said, “The flexible nature of the system allows us to leverage previous SDI-based investments while meeting current needs such as NDI, remote control and monitoring, remote management and configuration. It also means we are ready for the upcoming SMPTE 2110 environment.”

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