Mediaproxy offers its LogServer solution as a rented service to meet the need to cover occasional events

Mediaproxy has recently announced that the company offers its LogServer system as an OPEX option to satisfy the demand of ‘pop-up’ television and streaming channels. The logging and monitoring platform is available for short-term rental to broadcasters covering a special event or creating additional, temporary services.

Broadcasters and playout facility operators who buy LogServer licences for their full-time channels do not want to spend money on a permanent licence for a service that is used only occasionally. Because of that, Mediaproxy has decided to make LogServer available as a rented option. This package includes LogServer itself plus support and covers unlimited users and all client’s apps. Pop-up channels only work with a specific range of inputs sources: TSoIP, IP, OTT HLS/DASH, SMPTE-2110, SMPTE 2022-6 and streaming sources, and the company’s solution has capability to work with these formats and standards. It is also able to handle video transport protocols including SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), Zixi, HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol).

“Modern software-based compliance systems such as LogServer have the flexibility to record pop-up or event-based channels for only the period these services need to run,” comments Mark Rushton, SVP Sales and Solutions of Mediaproxy. “The advantages are that this can be done at very short notice, something that is facilitated through deployment in the cloud. Mediaproxy is pleased to offer ad hoc licences for LogServer to our users, who will have access to comprehensive compliance monitoring without having the expense of a full-time commitment for short-term operations.”

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