Melinda FM expands broadcasting reach with Lawo Crystal broadcast console

In a move to bolster its broadcasting capabilities, Melinda FM, nestled in the coastal town of Middelkerke in West Flanders, Belgium, has recently upgraded its mobile radio studio with the cutting-edge Lawo Crystal broadcast console. Spearheading this transformative endeavor was Aircast, an independent broadcast equipment supplier and subsidiary of Lambda Technologies, an antenna manufacturer.

“Recognizing the imminent challenges ahead and aiming to elevate our everyday broadcasts and special events for years to come, we set out to acquire a new, mobile radio studio,” reveals Chris Schoutteet, Chairman of Melinda FM. “Investing in state-of-the-art technology is pivotal for us to explore innovative ways of crafting informative and captivating programs, which are essential for retaining our loyal audience,” he emphasizes.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Tommy Degraeve, Media Solution Manager at Aircast, remarks, “When Melinda FM, a valued long-term partner, approached us to upgrade their mobile studio, we meticulously assessed their needs. Together, we scoured the market for a solution that best aligned with the radio station’s requirements for streamlined workflows, system adaptability, and future scalability. After thorough evaluation, we zeroed in on the Lawo crystal broadcast console.”

Schoutteet elaborates, “Our quest was for a versatile mixing system with expandability options, allowing us to incorporate features like extended listener participation via telephone or voice-over-IP connections. With the crystal console, albeit at a slightly higher initial cost, we now possess a system tailor-made to our specifications—reliable, of top-notch quality, and primed for expansion, thus future-proofing our operations. Testimonials from prominent broadcasters further affirmed our decision.”

The Lawo crystal mixing console is engineered for both broadcast and pro-audio applications. It harnesses the Power Core, Lawo’s compact 1RU Software-Defined DSP Mixing Engine, and Modular I/O Device, ensuring seamless integration of various signal formats such as RAVENNA/AES67, MADI, Dante, AES3, and analog, thereby future-proofing broadcast operations. Notable features include AutoMix, which maintains multi-mic production balance, and AutoGain, streamlining mic level optimization with a single button press. The console’s ability to store and recall an unlimited number of snapshots and DSP profiles facilitates customized show setups and individual talent profiles accessible from any networked console, supporting remote operations and OB setups.

Melinda FM’s maiden event utilizing the Lawo crystal was a live broadcast from the five-day Sluze Kermesse (ship-lock fair) in Middelkerke during the extended Pentecost weekend. The event was a resounding success, featuring live interviews and seamlessly mixed music on-site via the crystal console. “It’s gratifying to showcase the potential of local radio,” Schoutteet expresses. “Our mobile studio now empowers us to deliver music and engaging conversations directly to the community, fostering vital connections with our audience.”

Reflecting on the event, Schoutteet concludes, “The experience garnered reaffirms our decision. The intuitive operation, plethora of assistive mixing technologies, and workflow flexibility enable our operators to craft compelling, immersive programming. We’ve only scratched the surface of the possibilities this new console offers, and it’s exciting to explore its full potential in the weeks ahead.”



• Chris Schoutteet, Chairman, Melinda FM (left)
• Marc De Coster , Technical Manager, Melinda FM (right)
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