Meptik introduces comprehensive ‘Studio in a Box’ solution for rapid virtual production studio setup

Meptik has introduced Meptik Studio Pro, which the company describes as a turnkey solution designed to accelerate the installation of virtual production studios. This all-encompassing package includes a pre-configured Disguise studio control stack, ROE LEDs, camera tracking technology, comprehensive creative and technical support, as well as training. Meptik Studio Pro aims to simplify the setup process for creative teams across various industries, enabling them to elevate their production capabilities effectively and efficiently.

“With Meptik Studio Pro, we are drastically reducing the time required to establish a virtual production stage,” explains Nick Rivero, co-founder of Meptik. “Traditionally, setting up such studios can take months due to the complexities involved in selecting and integrating hardware and software. Our solution eliminates this guesswork by offering an integrated, ready-to-use system that ensures seamless operation from day one.”

The Meptik Studio Pro is available in four configurations tailored to different production needs:

– Small: Ideal for presentations, keynotes, or single-talent setups.
– Medium: Suited for commercial shoots, advertisements, online courses, and teaching.
– Large: Designed for high-budget film and episodic projects with multiple actors and elaborate sets.
– XR: Geared towards augmented reality projects that blend virtual and physical spaces.

At its core, Meptik Studio Pro features a pre-configured rack equipped with Disguise’s technology, including VX and RX servers, and Disguise Designer software for visual control. This setup supports a range of cinematic content formats, from 2D and 2.5D to real-time 3D environments like Unreal Engine or Volinga for NeRFs. Additionally, customers can select from various ROE LED display sizes tailored to their specific application needs.

According to the company, every Meptik Studio Pro customer benefits from ‘Always On’ support, ensuring round-the-clock assistance to optimize studio performance for production demands. Extensive training on the Disguise workflow and operation of the virtual production stage is also provided to ensure seamless integration into existing production workflows.

Meptik Studio Pro is now available.


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