MG Stage addresses Conmebol’s communications challenges with Clear-Com

Clear-com device deployed at the final match of Conmebol tournament (South America)

MG Stage, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the country’s only company dedicated exclusively to intercom system rentals for the theater, corporate events and live production markets, has deployed Clear-Com equipment for the final match of the Conmebol (The South American Football Confederation), a South American Cup held at the Estadio General Pablo Rojas in Asunción, Paraguay.

The show used two independent wireless systems for separate production teams. One team handled technical and artistic show coordination of the pre-game show, final show and cup and medal awards ceremonies. The other team managed general event coordination.

 MG Stage deployed Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II® Digital Wireless Intercom for the general event coordination and a DX410 Digital Wireless Intercom along with Clear-Com’s Encore® Analog Partyline stations and beltpacks for the shows and ceremonies. MG Stage also drew on its theater experience to configure and personalize each user’s FreeSpeak II beltpack. They also combined and interconnected the wired Encore partyline with the DX410 wireless system.

For the project, MG Stage placed one FreeSpeak II transceiver along each sideline. The production team used 10 FreeSpeak II beltpack on the sidelines, behind the goal—the waiting area for the shows and ceremonies—and one member was in the TV booth.

“Professional customers, especially in Argentina, don’t ask for intercom systems,” Magali Acha, MG Stage owner, said. “They simply ask for ‘Clear-Com.’ It is like asking for Coca-Cola in a restaurant. Everyone knows what you mean.”

In addition to the Conmebal final, MG Stage regularly supports a diverse schedule of live events, ranging from the Youth Olympic Games to the G-20 World Economic Forum. As the company plans to expand into areas like Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru, Acha and MG Stage are confident that the relationship with Clear-Com and Lade Profesional—a Clear-Com partner in Argentina—will continue to grow and strengthen. 

 “The difference between using a Clear-Com system, or not, is substantial,” Acha said. “If communications fail, the show fails. Clear-Com systems are reliable, user-friendly, versatile and adaptable to cover the needs of every type of user and production.”

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