Sound mixer Mike Aiton trusts on AJA Video Systems for its remote projects

The sound mixer Mike Aiton trust on AJA Video Systems for its remote projects

During last year, Mike Aiton has worked mostly on remote projects due to Covid-19 pandemic. For those works, he has relied on AJA to build remote collaboration workflows. Using the AJA U-TAP SDI USB 3.0 capture device, the AJA T-TAP Thunderbolt output device and AJA Io XT Thunderbolt-powered video and audio I/O box, among others.

On a normal recording session, Mike uses his Io XT switched to a large display in his mixing studio using HDMI. He also sends the feed via SDI using and AJA U-TAP SDI to re-capture the feed and send it via USB 3.0 to a computer running Source Elements Source-Live Pro: Low Latency software. According to the company, this operation allows a full 1080 HD at up to 60fps, and in virtually real-time.

“AJA gear is simple to set up and configure and performs without fail. You simply plug it in, install the latest software updates, and you’re working; there’s no ‘driver roulette’ like with some other tools. In the case of U-TAP, it’s not only bus powered, but class compliant on MacOS and Windows PCs, so there are no drivers at all,” says Mike Aiton.

Mike recently used this workflow for a project for Source Elements’ presentation at the AES (Audio Engineering Society) conference. With its AJA equipment, he has connected stages in Chicago, Vienna and Melbourne. “In these sort of remote collaboration environments, you have no control over the device with which people are watching the feed, so it’s crucial to avoid any unnecessary video degradation, and I love that about my AJA gear. I can always be confident that it’s not doing anything to degrade the signal quality. It’s in sync, frame accurate, easy to use, and it just works,” Mike concluded.

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