Mo-Sys shows at HPA Tech Retreat a new way to gain flexibility in virtual production

Mo-Sys Engineering has announced that the compamy will demonstrate a hybrid approach to final pixel (ICVFX) virtual shooting at the HPA Tech Retreat. Visitors of the show can get the knowledge at booth 720, Innovation Zone, Mission Hills Rancho Mirage, 20 – 23 February 2023.

If filmmakers wanted to create a cinematic experience that included wide shots and close-ups in the final pixel LED virtual production, they would have had to rely on very large LED volumes. Of course, the solution is more expensive because it is larger. This innovation gives directors and cinematographers more flexibility than ever.

Mo-Sys’ solution is to shoot wide shots against a green screen, and the mids and closer shots in an LED volume which can now be much smaller. The new system is based on Mo-Sys StarTracker and VP Pro XR LED content server solution.

For this approach to work, the image quality has to be precisely matched, and the director needs to be able to switch immediately from one to the other to meet production workflows and timescales. With the green screen and smaller LED volume on the same stage, the lighting can be matched and the performers and technicians can move freely from one to the other.

“The industry is learning how best to use virtual production and is keen to use the benefits within practical production workflows and budgets,” said Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys. “We have taken the largest exhibition booth at HPA to show how practical it is to use multiple techniques in a single scene, so the actors and crew can work through the shots as they would do on a physical set. This is a real game-changer in the viability of virtual, final pixel production.”

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