Mobius Labs and Nomad Media partners to offer AI capabilities into management platforms

Mobius Labs has recently announced that has partnered with Nomad Media. The first one is an enterprise focused in developing AI-powered metadata technology, and the second one is a company that develops a cloud-based content and asset management platform.

Through this partnership, Nomad Media is integrating the capabilities of Mobius AI to offer advanced AI search, discovery and metadata enrichment capabilities to content owners with large libraries of video assets.

The services included with this partnership are face recognition, video tagging and speech to text, enabling content owners to easily upload, search, and manage the thousands of media files in their content libraries and discover new value hidden within their assets.

“The partnership between Nomad Media and Mobius Labs ushers in a new Artificial Intelligence era where powerful video and image analysis along with speech to text conversion is the foundation of every content catalogue,” said Adam Miller, co-founder and CEO of Nomad Media. “This truly democratizes the use of AI powered services so organizations of all sizes can have discovery, deep search and auto curation of content catalogues and programming. In addition, this new AI powered catalogue foundation will future proof an organization’s content for emerging and innovative new AI services.”

“Forward-thinking media and broadcasting companies around the world are leveraging AI metadata technology to streamline their workflows and productively manage their content archives,” said Appu Shaji, CEO and Chief Scientist at Mobius Labs. “Through our partnership with Nomad, they will now have access to powerful new tools that enable them to maximise monetisation opportunities for their content.”


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