MOG Technologies develops new brand image to face the future

MOG Technologies is a provider of professional media solutions. The company has unveiled a new brand identity. In the words of the release, “the new brand reflects the company’s cultural transformation and refined strategy.”

The new approach pursues a timeless, modern style. It all starts with the universal “on” button building the “O” and queuing the “M” and “G” to appear. The lines of characters never quite connect, but work together like pieces of a puzzle.

Colors have been chosen to propel the MOG brand into the future, while addressing a broader, forward-looking audience. The gradient of blue and purple conveys a playful and optimistic feel.

The company has also fostered the creation of a new website that will house all the necessary information about MOG’s media operations solutions and consumer stories. It has been carefully written and crafted to reach any company in need of media production and distribution services, while providing full transparency about the specifications and features of MOG’s products.

The statement of the company’s new image is “Shaping the Future of Media & Entertainment.” Quite a statement of intent to be a major player in helping to create the technological future of media.

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