MOG Technologies and SWISS TXT technologically develop the concept of citizen journalism

MOG Technologies, a company dedicated to supply solutions for professional media, has recently announced a new partnership with SWISS TXT, a subsidiary of SRG SSR (Swiss state broadcaster). This company is responsible for DMO and accessibility services. The partnership is one of the results related to HELIOS research, a European project.

The aim of this partnership is to explore technical and commercial potential of citizen journalism. This concept is based on the idea that anyone with a mobile phone is able to tell a story through live streaming of events. The platform allows citizens watching a live event to actively join the transmission ecosystem, by capturing the events with their own phones, and easily stream the recordings through the platform. The platform managers can then choose what feeds they want to use in the final transmission or piece, and purchase them directly from the author.

The platform will use blockchain technology, and also test this platform’s potential for new business models and applications. And its objective is to empower journalists into gaining more control of their pieces with a wider library of live resources, while encouraging the audience to monetize their streams through a digital marketplace.

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