The national TV of Mozambique robotises camera control with Shotoku

Shotoku has recently provided a robotically controlled camera configuration allowing the Television of Mozambique going on-air with that automation. The camera configuration consisted on a SmartPed robotic pedestal and an expandable 8-channel TR-XT control system.

Television of Mozambique is the national public broadcaster of Mozambique. They installed two of Shotoku’s robotic SmartPedVR XY pedestals. This model incorporates VR tracking capabilities allowing it to be used in VR/AR environments. The pedestals are controlled by Shotoku’s TR-XT-8 control system.

“Television of Mozambique is a perfect example of Shotoku’s worldwide reach and capabilities” said James Eddershaw, managing director of Shotoku, Ltd. “The equipment was manufactured in the UK, but the project was managed and installed remotely through Shotoku China with the help of the engineering staff at the station in Mozambique. It was a complicated, multi-national, trans-continental effort that was accomplished flawlessly”.

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