MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC underpinned on Realtek Set-Top-Box SoCs

V-Nova and Realtek Announce Support for MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC on Realtek Set-Top-Box SoCs

V-Nova and Realtek has stated that Realtek Set-Top-Box SoCs supports MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC · Realtek’s alliance with V-Nova enables optimized implementations of LCEVC for existing and future families of devices

V-Nova, provider of video compression solutions, and Realtek Semiconductor, a semiconductor company, recently announced support for MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC in Realtek STB SoCs.

V-Nova and Realtek have been collaborating on developing and deploying multiple implementations of the LCEVC standard for both the existing and future portfolio of Realtek STB SoCs. LCEVC support provides high levels of security, computational power, and performance.

MPEG-5 part 2 LCEVC is the latest MPEG and ISO standard. Instead of replacing existing codecs, LCEVC enhances them, reducing both costs and energy consumption of the transcoding process by up to 70%. It also augments compression efficiency by up to 40%.

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