MPTS discloses its comprehensive program for its 2024 edition

New AI Forum and Media Technology Conference, in collaboration with SMPTE, enhance the event

The Media Production & Technology Show (MPTS) has disclosed its full program for 2024. Featuring over 300 speakers, the event will encompass keynote presentations, masterclasses, panel discussions, and educational sessions. MPTS also has announced the initial lineup of speakers for its seminar program at the 2024 event.

Set to occur on May 15-16, 2024, at the iconic Grand Hall in Olympia London, the show will welcome over 300 speakers across eight theaters, showcasing keynote presentations, masterclasses, panel discussions, and educational sessions.

Event director Charlotte Wheeler commented: “The caliber and diversity of our speaker lineup are unmatched, highlighting the depth and vibrancy of the UK’s premier creative industries. The media professionals curating MPTS 2024 share your enthusiasm and concerns for the industry’s future, which we’ve emphasized through an expanded collaboration with SMPTE to introduce the Media Technology Conference as part of the Media Production & Technology Show. Amidst the current landscape, one technology stands out for its significant impact, and the new AI Forum is tailored to explore it with strategic insights for your craft and business. There’s a wealth of opportunities for networking, participation, and knowledge exchange at MPTS. This is your platform, and we look forward to seeing you there.”

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