MRMC improves Polymotion Chat, its automated camera tracking system

MRMC improves Polymotion Chat, its automated camera tracking system

Mark Roberts Motion Control has announced an upgrade on its automated camera control software, Polymotion Chat. The new improvement supports control from 1 to 6 cameras and enables a wide range of options for live events.

Polymotion Chat is a solution that uses a developed computer vision engine to track subjects using PTZ cameras or robotic pan/tilt heads. The system is always available and provides consistent shots, allowing non-video professionals not to worry about camera control and single operators to manage multiple cameras in socially distanced working environments.

The system computer vision engine detects limbs and builds a virtual stick model to track the onscreen talent, allowing the system to deal with people turning their back on the camera, occlusion, and ensuring that the system doesn’t get confused by other faces.

The system supports from 1-6 cameras and adds an advanced tracking and framing capability that allows it to track multiple people across multiple cameras. It can be used either as a fully autonomous system with no operator or for projects where one operator needs to control multiple cameras.

“Broadcasters and professional users all over the world are facing the increasing challenges of producing more content with less, with the importance of maintaining schedules in the face of socially-distanced production protocols throwing workflows into stark relief,” comments Paddy Taylor, Head of Broadcast, MRMC. “By providing advanced automation tools that faithfully replicate the naturalistic moves and skilled awareness of experienced camera operators, Polymotion Chat increases production efficiencies and allows a single operator to run multiple cameras in a Covid-secure manner.”

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