MultiDyne exhibition at IBC: how to deepen into Technology Infrastructure

MultiDyne IBC 2023

MultiDyne, multinacional company specialized in comms and fiber-optic until now, showcased its IBC debuts that merge traditional fiber-optic strengths with new compression, streaming solutions that, according to the company, cast wider net across the production ecosystem

 At IBC, MultiDyne highlighted new products and strategic acquisitions that, they believe, would take the company deeper into the technology infrastructure, allowing new opportunities in live production, media transport and content delivery, as company claims.

Recently, MultiDyne has also relocated its headquarters to a larger facility outside New York City.

At IBC 2023, these were the solutions and new developments that MultiDyne exhibited:

Bulk Fiber Transport

HoneyBadger solution, a single bulk fiber transport platform. With support for eight camera feeds and SDI return channels, the design also includes two independent 1Gb local-area network (LAN) extensions, enabling IP connectivity over single-mode fiber strands.

NIA9205 family

MultiDyne’s NIA9205 family is the first product series resulting from MultiDyne’s acquisition of Niagara Video last year. The compact and cost-effective encoders and decoders are designed for real-time streaming, broadcast transport and related applications.

MultiDyne has adapted Niagara’s advanced video transport codecs and broadcast and networking standards with state-of-the art error correction to take advantage of the inherent flexibility of IP and the internet. HEVC and AVC 4:2:0 10-bit encoding, coupled with SRT, Zixi, & RIST video transport and error correction, help to maintain robust, broadcast-quality transport with interoperability over almost any IP network, as well as wireless internet. OTT protocols such as RTMP and HLS bolster the product in other networked workflows and applications.

Advanced Power Extension

Introduced at IBC2022, MultiDyne’s APE Advanced Power Extension Line was exhibited at IBC 2023 too.

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