MuxLab adds new features to its MuxControl App

Icon of the MuxControl App by MuxLab

The Canadian brand MuxLab has added new functions to its MuxControl App. This, according to the company, is part of its “broader effort to give users comprehensive control over their systems while enabling complete mobility”.

The update includes a series of automated tasks that use preset configurations controlled by the app and supported by RS-232 and IR interfaces. Users can also create their unique virtual remote controls. Joe Teixeira, Director of Product Development at MuxLab, explains this feature: “In a restaurant or sports bar, for instance, a manager can execute a preset that automatically turns on a few displays or all the displays on a video wall to a particular sporting event airing at a specific time. The idea is to greatly simplify system access and control and make it seamless to operate in a very user-friendly way.”

Moreover, MuxControl now supports the full range of MuxLab’s AV over IP product line, giving control over various types of video walls that can be created “with multiple displays in various configurations”. The company provides an example of how users can set-up displays configurations: “Users can use a room template or simply take a photo of their location and upload it. Next, they select their equipment and place it on the image, which vastly simplifies system control. For those managing AV systems in different rooms or installations on the same network, a new feature allows users to swipe right between rooms that have been created in the app, great for quickly accessing different systems”.

The latest version of MuxControl is also optimized for overall performance and is available for both iOS and Android systems.

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