National Taiwan University adapts its Debate Championship to remote workflows with NewTek

During the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic changed many workflows on broadcast and AV industry. The National Taiwan University (NTU) was not an exception. Its famous Yi-En Oregon Debate had to adapt its ways. The debate championship is one of the most prominent of the Chinese language competitive debate community.

Throughout the process, Voxel Vision Technology Corp. provided guidance to the competition organizers in setting up the production system, and trained them to make use of these tools.

The organizing team opted to digitalize the entire production system. They chose NewTek VMC1 and TriCaster TC1 Production Systems with NDI protocol. The system performed an effective audio-visual communication system over a computer network with high-definition video data between cameras, production units and monitors in different locations connected via a LAN network, and avoiding most of SDI cables.

Meanwhile, production teams were able to apply visual elements to the broadcast, such as titles, superbar, visual framing and background design, live with NewTek TriCaster Animation Store Creator.

One of the computer classrooms of the Taiwan National University was transformed into a broadcast-level production work space. This space provided comms, delivery and, high-definition video and audio all over the world with the ability to interconnect every competition candidate.

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