New NDI based Video Distribution Solution in vessel Go Explorer installed and designed by Ideal Systems

Ideal Systems installed an Video Live Solution in vessel

Ideal Systems provides live video distribution system for 4,000- ton Go Explorer vessel 

As recently announced by the company, Ideal Systems has designed and installed a brand-new NDI based Video Distribution Solution for real-time video feed selection of live video streams from multiple sub-sea Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) on the maritime support vessel Go Explorer while docked in Singapore.

ROVs are underwater robots controlled by operators aboard Go Explorer, who perform maritime support tasks such as valve operations, hydraulic functions and other sub-sea operations for the oil and gas industry. The ROV’s are equipped with a still camera, video camera, and lights to transmit images and live stream videos back to the ship.

Beacon Offshore Ltd., operators of the Go Explorer, approached Ideal Systems for a reliable and flexible Video Distribution System, that could switch and route live ROV video feeds from the ROV control room to various displays in cabins around the ship. The Go Explorer has eight levels with multiple cabins on each level serving functions such as Client Cabin, Workstation, Survey Room, OCM Cabin, Project Office, Captain Cabin and Operators Room, all of which require reliable distribution of live high quality video sources. Ideal Systems used the latest NDI standard of video over IP for its video distribution solution which comprises of components from BirdDog on a Netgear IP fibre network core. This new system allows crew to switch video sources at any location on the ship using a monitor remote controller to select their desired video feeds. Using the new NDI based system means the days of frequent intercom calls between cabin crews and control room operators requesting changes to the video source routing for each cabin are gone. Now, control over video source switching is in the hands of each cabin crew using their own monitor remote controllers, thanks to the flexibility offered by the NDI based system which provides reliability with ease of use and convenience.

The reduction in complexity due to using NDI architecture, helped increase the delivery speed which was a major benefit to the local video engineering team from Ideal Systems, who had to complete the entire installation within a fixed two-week schedule while the Go Explorer was docked in Singapore.


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