NDI announces that its SDK is compatible with Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine

The NDI video over IP protocol recently announced that its SDK is compatible with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine and that it is available for download now.

“As soon as Epic released Unreal Engine 5, we received requests for an NDI SDK plugin so that more creatives can bring the powers of UE5 and NDI together. The protocol has a great relationship with Epic and we have worked together for over 5 years to offer our joint users more value. We are immensely excited to see them leverage the potential of our technologies to advance virtual production,” says Tarif Sayed, President and CEO of NDI.

The NDI SDK enables systems such as UE5 to find, send and receive video streams over IP, with a resolution and frame rate independent encoding algorithm – up to 4K is supported – along with 16 channels of floating-point audio.

It also includes tools to implement video access and grouping, bidirectional metadata, IP commands, counting, etc. The SDK allows creators to create AR and VR to unlock full IP support for audio and video inputs and outputs, even with an alpha channel.

“With NDI, teams have access to multiple live video sources and Unreal Engine tools, all on a standard network, removing obstacles and reducing the complexity of live content creation without compromising quality,” comments Bernt Johannessen, Unreal Engine Business Manager for Broadcast at Epic Games.

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