NEP Group receive award for technical innovation at IBC Show

NEP group

 NEP’s TFC Ephemeral productions platform named IBC’s ‘Best of Show’

The 5G MT-UHD MiniTx, the low-latency UHD wireless video transmitter of NEP Group, has being awarded at the 2023 IABM BaM Awards in the Connect category and named Best of Show by TV Technology, while TVB Europe named NEP’s TFC Ephemeral Productions Platform Best of Show at IBC.

NEP and subsidiary BSI recently updated its 5G MT-UHD MiniTx wireless transmitter, adding support for 5G NR technology. The 5G MT-UHD MiniTx is a powerful 5G-enabled wireless video transmitter which offers reliability, even in areas with high network congestion. Along with 5G NR coverage, high-quality video encoding, integrated camera control, and low-latency, the 5G MT-UHD MiniTx offers the ability to capture and transmit multiple videos simultaneously.

BSI’s 5G MT-UHD MiniTx was also named Best of Show at IBC by TV Technology.

NEP’s TFC Ephemeral productions platform awarded as ‘Best of Show’

The IBC Best of Show Awards, by TVB Europe, recognize innovative products designed for use by broadcasters, content providers and professional audio and video users.

TFC Ephemeral Productions is the latest development for NEP’s patent-pending broadcast controller, TFC. The SaaS solution replaces before setups with preset templates that allow production teams to reconfigure any TFC-enabled facility for multiple shows in a matter of minutes.



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