NEP Group announces Supershooter 6: a new OB Truck powered with NEP’s Transmission Control (TFC)

NEP Group has recently announced that its U.S. Broadcast Services team has released a new mobile unit, Supershooter 6. The OB vehicle is powered by NEP’s Broadcast Control (TFC). This software engine bases NEP’s Global Production Ecosystem.

TFC provides broadcast control and monitoring system to streamline the configuration and connection of on-site and remote facilities. Developed internally by NEP software engineers, TFC is technology agnostic, making it compatible with virtually any technology in the broadcast and live event environment. It has been designed to reduce the amount of time needed on site to manage increasingly complex IP-based infrastructure and reduces the risk of human error.

Supershooter 6 is 1080p-ready and 4K-capable. It is a single-truck unit featuring a Grass Valley Kayenne X-Frame switcher, a Calrec Apollo audio console, Sony HDC-3500 cameras, two 5500 cameras, a Lawo IP router, multi-viewer and EVS XT VIA servers.

“Supershooter 6, a single unit with a support unit as needed, is similar to Supershooter 5, featuring NEP’s TFC Control System. Our team continues to do a fabulous job in design, construction, and new innovation. Our new platforms are designed for ease of tying mobile units together in large compounds, as well as for tying into the NEP Global Production Ecosystem. As always, we are using new ideas and technology to create an amazing fleet,” affirms Glen Levine, President, NEP U.S. Broadcast Services.

NEP is committed to equipping new mobile units with TFC, including SRT3, released earlier this year. Supershooter 5, released in May, 2021, was the first fully IP mobile unit to be powered by TFC. Supershooter 61, a new field acquisition unit, was released earlier this year. In addition, NEP mobile units Supershooter 1, TS2, Supershooter 29, EN1 and NCPXI are slated for upgrades.

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