NEP Sweden kicks off its new IP 2110 operation centres

NEP Sweden, a division of the renowned NEP Group has proudly announced the successful inauguration of its cutting-edge Remote Operation Centres (ROCs) to meet the escalating demand for integrated broadcast production solutions in the Scandinavian region. These state-of-the-art facilities, which have been operational since September 2023, aim to streamline broadcast operations, particularly across Sweden’s vast geographical expanse, offering seamless connectivity while reducing the necessity for extensive travel between disparate event locations. This innovative approach fosters collaboration among team members situated across various locations, effectively bridging geographical divides while prioritizing sustainability measures.

At the core of these Remote Operation Centres lies a secure facility in Stockholm, serving as the central nerve center for the network of three additional facilities: ROCsett, ROCwest, and ROCnorth. ROCsett, situated in Stockholm, houses five medium-sized Production Control Rooms (PCRs) and one large PCR. Meanwhile, ROCwest in Gothenburg operates one medium and one large PCR, and ROCnorth in Umeå features one large PCR. These ROCs boast adaptable workflows capable of managing production formats ranging from HD to UHD/HDR.

NEP Sweden’s ROCs harness the power of NEP’s proprietary Total Facility Control (TFC) software, a robust broadcast control and networking solution designed to streamline IP 2110 technology. TFC empowers production teams by providing intuitive control over show setups using touchscreen interfaces, facilitating seamless scalability, and enabling resource sharing across NEP’s connected production ecosystem. This universal control, management, and security mechanism ensure optimal efficiency and flexibility for production, video, audio, replay, graphics, and engineering operators.

The Remote Operation Centres were successfully launched to support TV4 Media’s broadcast coverage of the 2023-2024 Swedish Hockey League (SHL) season, encompassing more than 400 regular season and postseason game broadcasts involving 14 teams. The deployment of NEP Sweden’s ROCs has significantly reduced the need for onsite operators, with over 20 personnel now efficiently operating from remote locations, thereby minimizing travel and on-site infrastructure.

Per de Navarro, Chief Technology Officer at NEP Sweden, commented, “The launch of the new NEP Sweden Remote Operation Centres underscores our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our broadcast partners by delivering innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions leveraging our expertise in SMPTE IP 2110 infrastructure.”

Stefan Karlsson, Head of Production at TV4, remarked, “Through our collaboration with NEP, we’re revolutionizing live sports production while setting new benchmarks for financial, environmental, and social sustainability. The new setup has significantly enhanced production efficiency, quality, and work environment, allowing our crews to focus on delivering top-notch content.”

NEP Sweden has collaborated with leading technology partners to bolster key broadcast production operations, utilizing Sony’s MLS-X1 video switchers for UHD productions and EVS’ LiveCeption® solution for replay operations. Additionally, Direct Out’s PRODIGY.MP hardware is deployed for audio mixing, ensuring seamless integration and superior performance.

Christer Pålsson, Chief Commercial Officer at NEP Europe, emphasized the strategic significance of these ROCs, stating, “The successful launch of NEP Sweden’s Remote Operation Centres marks a pivotal advancement in our service offerings in the region, bolstering NEP’s commitment to providing best-in-class broadcast solutions.”

NEP Sweden’s ROCs represent a vital component of NEP’s expanding connected production ecosystem, offering clients unparalleled flexibility and options to produce content globally. With over 20 Hubs and more than 100 connected PCRs worldwide, NEP remains at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge broadcast solutions backed by its extensive technical expertise and global network.

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