NEP UK employs Sony HDC cameras to elevate live production across Europe

NEP UK, part of the global NEP Group, is gearing up for a state-of-the-art year in live productions. The broadcaster company has invested in the latest Sony HDC-3500V cameras, marking the first deployment of these devices in Europe. This move follows NEP UK’s strategic decision last year to incorporate Sony HDC-F5500 cameras, emphasizing a commitment to delivering top-notch visual experiences.

The Sony HDC-3500V cameras, unveiled at NAB 2023, bring a revolutionary feature to the table – an optical variable ND filter. This innovation provides operators with precise control over the depth of field during live broadcasts, unlocking a realm of creative possibilities. The integration of these cameras into NEP UK’s portfolio aligns with the company’s dedication to pushing technological boundaries for its clients.

In addition to the HDC-3500V cameras, NEP UK had previously embraced the Sony HDC-F5500 cameras, known for delivering a shallow depth of field with S35mm Large Format, seamlessly fitting into live production workflows. This setup, complemented by the ILME-FR7 and HDR-capable monitors such as the PVM-X2400 and LMD-A240 models, showcases NEP UK’s commitment to offering comprehensive solutions to its clientele.

Throughout 2024, the HDC-3500V cameras will play a pivotal role in NEP UK’s endeavors, spanning not only entertainment productions but also live sporting events, including those in vibrant locations like Paris.

The company points out a standout feature of the HDC-3500V: the newly developed Virtual Iris function, coupled with the optical variable ND filter. According to company’s statement, this empowers vision engineers to pinpoint an iris ‘sweet spot’ on the attached lens, fine-tuning the camera’s depth of field under varying light conditions. Enginers, this way, have the ability to adjust brightness using the optical variable ND filter, instead of the lens iris.

Donald Begg, Senior Director of Engineering and Technology at NEP UK, emphasized the company’s commitment to merging exceptional talent with cutting-edge technologies. He stated, “The variable ND filter in the HDC-3500V permits, if desired, the creation of images with a distinctive artistic tone, and we have been witnessing a growing appetite for that look and feel from our clients.”

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