Net Insight and Teracom forge framework deal for critical mobile network time synchronization

Net Insight has recently secured a significant framework agreement with Teracom, focusing on the deployment of its time synchronization solution Zyntai. The agreement, valued at over SEK 10 million, is dedicated to synchronizing Teracom’s mobile network for critical services and spans the years 2023 and 2024.

Teracom Group, a state-owned entity providing secure communication services, has chosen Net Insight as its supplier after a meticulous evaluation process. The requirement is for a robust and secure time synchronization solution independent of GPS/GNSS for Teracom’s mobile network dedicated to critical services.

Net Insight’s Zyntai, a new synchronization platform, aligns with Teracom’s high-performance and security standards for time synchronization in its critical mobile network. This strategic agreement marks a significant step forward for Net Insight in expanding its presence in time synchronization for critical networks. The initial phase, with a project value exceeding 10 million SEK, is slated for delivery throughout 2023, with the majority expected in the first half of 2024.

“We need a GPS/GNSS-independent solution that is robust and easy to implement over our existing infrastructure, which Zyntai can provide,” says Gunnar Bergman, head of networks at Teracom.

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