New AirPlayList 2.0 Module for NETIA’s Media Assist Software simplifies Multichannel Radio Broadcasting




NETIA announced the release of the AirPlayList 2.0 module for its Media Assist software suite. The new module facilitates automated playout of multiple radio channels simultaneously and with guaranteed redundancy. Audio-over-IP-compliant, encompassing the AES67 interoperability standard, the AirPlayList 2.0 module supports broadcasting via traditional physical sound cards or IP-based virtual drivers.


“Using the AirPlayList 2.0 module with our NETIA Media Assist software suite, users can manage all types of content and automate conventional or Web radio playout from any place, at any time,” said Olivier Coquin, product manager at NETIA. “As an optimized solution for broadcasting numerous channels, the module simplifies multichannel playout and enables tremendous gains in efficiency while ensuring the high reliability essential to broadcast applications. Broadcasters realize lower total cost of ownership because they need only a limited number of hardware devices for multichannel playout operations.”


Built on a distributed architecture, the AirPlayList 2.0 module augments the overall reliability and robustness of playout. In high-demand scenarios, the AirPlayList 2.0 user interface supports centralized control and monitoring of many different playout systems installed across different servers. Users can readily access and broadcast media or channels located within separate databases. In automating playout, the AirPlayList 2.0 module also reduces the need for human intervention as well as the likelihood of error. With the Web-based interface, remote users can easily access the module to monitor or supervise playout on each channel and the status of media.


Based on the NETIA Media Assist software suite, the new module is fully compatible with NETIA’s radio automation solution and integrates seamlessly into the NETIA environment. Any playlist created and generated within NETIA radio automation software may be distributed via the AirPlayList 2.0 module. Logs for any broadcast item may be accessed and monitored via NETIA’s Air Run module.


To ensure high availability of media, AirPlayList 2.0 offers users the choice of one-to-one redundancy or a one-to-N option, in which a dedicated pool of servers ensures that even in the event of a disaster, a secondary server can recover media and ensure an uninterrupted broadcast. As radio operations grow, users can simply expand the playout system to modify or increase the number of channels as needed. The AirPlayList 2.0 module is designed to be future-proof, supporting playout of audio assets now and equipped to support playout of video assets in the future.


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