New cloud solutions for content creators offered by Vizrt

Vizrt introduces three new Flowics-powered products to boost audience engagement and cloud-based HTML5 graphics offerings

Vizrt introduces three new Flowics-powered products to boost audience engagement and cloud-based HTML5 graphics offerings

These three new products – Viz Flowics, Viz Data Connectors, and Viz Social – combine Flowics’ unique offerings into Vizrt product portfolio and are available from today, as company announced.

The addition of Flowics’ technologies to Vizrt products catalog simplifies production workflows for all customers, from broadcasters to service providers, streamers, and YouTubers, showing how the company’s evolving offerings in order to respond to the changing demands of content creators.

Tehseen Akhtar, Deputy Global Head of Product Management, has stated: “Content creation is a fast-moving and fascinating realm that is continuously changing. By creating these new products post our acquisition of Flowics, we have optimized our end-to-end graphics portfolio. With Vizrt, you get everything from HTML5 graphics to cloud solutions, adaptive graphics, augmented reality, and AI-driven virtual sets. Creating quick, high-quality graphics has never been easier.”

Cloud-native HTML5 graphics platform

Flowics graphics becomes Viz Flowics, Vizrt’s cloud-native HTML5 graphics creation and rendering engine enhancing its end-to-end graphics offering. Viz Flowics has an extremely easy-to-use interface, even for beginners with no design background. The user-friendly web interface, with drag-and-drop features, provides everything needed to create broadcast-quality 2D graphics including animation tools, simplifying the process of creating and publishing customized cloud graphics and data-driven overlays from any browser.

Code-free data integrators

Viz Data Connectors is now a separate offering within the Vizrt portfolio, to integrate live data providers with any graphics engine (cloud and on-premises). As a completely code-free application, Viz Data Connectors simplifies and streamlines the process of integrating data from external data sources without the need for any custom data integration, an operator can from the point of logging in start creating data-driven graphics. Additionally, the introduction of the Graphics Data Bridge provides a secure and efficient transfer for integrating data from on-premise data sources to Viz Flowics graphics.

Viz Data Connectors offers a comprehensive catalog of no-code links to live data sources, helping users rapidly turn around live graphics displaying information that audiences value, such as sports statistics, finance information, and weather details.

Additionally, the Flowics backend is powering the latest version of Viz Social, released in March of this year. This advanced version features a sleek and modern interface, increases speed, and simplicity, and offers users a modern suite of integrations with social media and messaging platforms. Users of Viz Social can also incorporate custom data from RSS and JSON feeds.

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