NewTek adds free trial of Flowics HTML graphics to its TriCaster products

NewTek has recently announced a free trial of Flowics’ HTML5 graphics for its TriCaster’s family of products. This announcement follows the recent acquisition of Flowics by Vizrt Group. TriCaster 1 Pro and TriCaster 2 Elite users will be offered a 30-day trial of the Flowics platform.

With the introduction of Live Link, TriCaster users can take HTML sources into their production, rendering anything from whole web pages to web videos, or HTML5 graphics as direct sources in their switcher. The Flowics platform gives customers simple control over the creation, integration, and playout of those HTML5 graphics.

“TriCaster users embrace the creation of motion media content and deliver it to anywhere viewers want to watch. The combination of TriCaster with Flowics by Vizrt makes this all-in-one system go a step further. With captivating graphics, it brings the story to life, making the creation and playout of interactive media experiences intuitive for mobile, the web, social media, and live streams,” states Barbara Spicek, President and GM of NewTek.

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