NewTek Launches HX PTZ3 with Professional Audio Port and NDI|HX3 Compatibility

Manufacturers NewTek have recently announced the launch of a PTZ camera built on the NDI protocol. The camera called HX PTZ3 adapts to any workflow and is the first, according to the company, to offer low latency, require minimal bandwidth and achieve professional audio quality over NDI|HX3.

As is already known, NewTek highlights that the capabilities of the NDI protocol allow any device, such as this HX PTZ3 camera, to be automatically recognized on the network. On this occasion, the NDI|HX3 version of the protocol offers all those features we have mentioned without losing the capabilities NDI is capable of. The camera is also compatible with the latest version of the NDI 5 protocol.

The camera offers presets in the movements through an engine and achieves a video signal in high definition up to 1080p 60 frames per second. It has a 20x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom. Capture can be performed remotely from any computer or device compatible with NewTek NDI Studio Monitor.

As a great addition, the HX PTZ3 camera has incorporated an XLR port to transmit audio quality with a professional minimum. In addition to the audio addition, the camera also has an Ethernet port for transmitting audio and video, camera control, tally and Power-over-Ethernet, in other words, power.

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