NewTek helps to globally distribute the WLF Awards that reward literacy actions

Recently, The World Literacy Foundation has announced its Awards recognizing those who promote literacy skills among the 773 million people across the globe who, according to UNESCO research, still cannot read and write.

Due to the pandemic and the wide range of locations and people involveved, the event took place online. Vizrt Group is a partner of World Literacy Foundation and they has commit to deliver worldwide the Awards.

“When we first partnered with World Literacy Foundation in 2020, just before the effects of the global pandemic set in, we saw a philosophical alignment where the Vizrt Group could harness its technology and expertise in order to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds access stories and learning resources,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at the Vizrt Group.

The creation of the awards show that developed on a global scale was made possible through NewTek products. The TriCaster 2 Elite and Talkshow VS4000 devices were connected through NDI on the home network of Liam Hayter, Senior Solutions Architect at NewTek. From his home, Hayter brought a total of six Skype TX channels in for the host and guest presenter judges. Also, Hayter brought 50 nominees for the awards into the production as “virtual awards attendees.” Through producers based in Luxembourg controlling Zoom, it was possible to spotlight the winners as they were brought on air.

“This kept the awards experience intact by offering the exciting element of surprise that is so often lacking with online ceremonies,” Hayter said. “As a single operator at home, the TriCaster was automated using a combination of our powerful Macro engine and LivePanel custom web GUI to sequentially run graphics, switching, and M/E layouts to run the show in a simple, repeatable manner for both rehearsals and the live event itself. It was a very exciting setup and a really thrilling outcome for all involved.”

The WLF Awards were live streamed to YouTube through the on-board streaming encoders available on every TriCaster.

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