Norlys integrates Media Distillery to elevate video user experience

Norlys, Denmark’s premier integrated energy and telecommunications provider, has integrated EPG Correction Distillery™ from Media Distillery to enrich user experience (UX) for its base of 500,000 TV subscribers. The AI-powered solution has seamlessly integrated across Norlys’ top 50 TV channels, going live in Q3 2023, thereby ensuring enhanced viewing experiences for its customers.

By incorporating this correction tool, Norlys ensures accurate EPG information across its most popular TV channels. This empowers subscribers to seamlessly select and enjoy catch-up and replay programming without any disruptions to their viewing pleasure.

The solution utilizes Deep Content Understanding™ to automatically identify and label features while inserting time markers in audiovisual media. This advanced technology enables TV service providers to elevate the presentation of programs, thereby delivering superior viewing experiences to their audiences.

The real time correction solution plays a pivotal role in providing viewers with a seamless user experience by ensuring the accuracy of EPG program schedule information. Without such correction, discrepancies between linear broadcasts and EPG TV Guide information can result in disruptions during catch-up or replay, diminishing the overall viewing experience.

Part of Media Distillery’s Time Marker Suite, this solution employs AI to analyze broadcasts across multiple channels in real-time, ensuring alignment with TV guide information. This instills confidence in users regarding the accuracy of their EPG schedules, fostering a more harmonious viewing experience.

Thanks to its scalable nature, EPG Correction Distillery has proven to be ideal for enhancing user experiences across growing subscriber bases. Norlys’ adoption of this technology aligns with its commitment to providing customers with the best possible user experience.

Jacob Vestergaard, Director of TV at Norlys, emphasized, “Providing our customers with the very best user experience is our top priority. With the deployment of EPG Correction Distillery, we’re enhancing our streaming app Norlys Play, and we are certain that our customers will acknowledge this great improvement of data.”

“We congratulate Norlys for demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery. “We’re extremely proud of the trust shown by Norlys, and we look forward to supporting the company going forward.”

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