Japanese production company Nouvelle Vague streamed the FUJI ROCK festival with AJA equipment

The FUJI ROCK is the largest outdoor music festival in Japan. Recently, the event has become 25 years old. In this edition, the festival was streamed in YouTube. Nouvelle Vague Inc was the company in charge of the production. To pull it off without a hitch, Nouvelle Vague Vice President & Director, Masayoshi Ikeda, developed a live production workflow comprising AJA solutions.

“We used AJA’s FS4 for converting video feeds to 29.97p for ingest and streaming, KUMO 6464 for routing signals, Io 4K Plus for editorial I/O, Ki Pro Ultra 12G and Ki Pro GO for redundant recording of Apple ProRes and H.264 files, OG-DANTE-12GAM for audio embedding, and disembedding utilizing Dante, T-TAP Pro for output from the playout system, and BRIDGE LIVE for SDI encoding and RTMP streaming outputs,” shared Ikeda.

For the festival’s on-site system, Nouvelle Vague transmitted SDI 59.94i feeds from each of the four venue stages to FS4, which converted the signals to 29.97p for ingest and streaming purposes. To route the converted signals, they used KUMO 6464, which provided the flexibility required to distribute a single video feed to multiple channels. The ingest system included Apple Mac Studio with Softron MovieRecord to capture and continuously record three channels for all four stages (totaling seven sources) to NAS storage. To prepare for any NAS network issues, the crew used Ki Pro Ultra 12G. They also recorded feeds from all four stages with Ki Pro GO as a backup. For audio embedding and disembedding, the team relied upon eight OG-DANTE-12GAM cards. For playout, the team generated the final edited videos Softron’s OnTheAir solution with T-TAP Pro handling output.

Ikeda shared, “When it comes to integrating new technologies into our live workflows, we’re always looking for the newest and most innovative products that support workflow flexibility, like tools from AJA.”

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