Czech Rupublic’s O2 acquires a OB vehicle designed by Broadcast Solutions

The mobile company O2 covers the major soccer league from Czech Republic for a couple of years now. The company has recently added a Broadcast Solutions Streamline OB to its fleet. The vehicle is a S12T and gives support to 12 HD cameras.

The Streamline S12T is designed as a truck/box body combination with one extension. It offers space for up to 14 workplaces. This OB truck, as it is said previously, can work with up to 12 cameras and was delivered with ten Grass Valley cameras. In addition a Grass Valley Kula 3 M/E vision mixer, EVS Slomo Servers and a Lawo mc256 are in place. Considering flexibility and interconnectivity options Riedels MediorNet (with 15 MicroN units) act as the routing platform. Combined with two video stageboxes, based on Riedel’s Compact Pro and one audio stagebox, based on Lawo’s Compact I/O the OB is equipped to be ready for all interconnectivity and upgrade possibilities. Talkback and intercom also depend on Riedel equipment. As the overall control layer all parties opted for Lawo’s VSM-System.

Jan Chodora, CEO at IVC s.r.o. comments: “we have been in close contact with Broadcast Solutions for many years. Our extraordinary mutual rapport is based not only upon their engineering skills and experiences but especially on friendly atmosphere and mutual trust. Based on that we successfully delivered several OB vans already and therefore when new projects arise our decision to co-operate on that with Broadcast Solutions is natural”.

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