OCS deploys Cantemo iconik to automate its collaboration workflows

Cantemo, iconik, OCS

Cantemo announced today that OCS, a group of subscription-based TV channels operated by Orange in France, is implementing its cloud video hub, iconik, to automate and modernize its collaboration workflows. Cantemo is represented in France by IVORY.


OCS will use iconik to share media content with both journalists and various internal services within Orange. Currently this is done by manual processes, uploading contents to a system for sharing media files.


OCS turned to its trusted partner, CTM Solutions, to automate much of that workflow, whereby only one manual verification will be needed. That includes integration between Cantemo Portal and OCS’ internal programming tool, Mediagenix WHATS’ON. This means that media can be automatically fed into Portal with all associated metadata. Because iconik integrates seamlessly with Portal, media content and metadata are automatically pushed to iconik based on business rules, and can then be accessed directly from iconik.


The archiving workflow will also be automated thanks to the integration between iconik and OCS’ existing MatrixStore object storage from Object Matrix.


Laurent Charlemaine, Creative Director, OCS, commented: “Implementing iconik enables us to much more easily share content with multiple external users, while automating a number of common tasks. That automation gives us more time to generate even more content. At the same time, with a vast array of different people needing access, ease of use was important as was having a look and feel that would portray our brand well.”


Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo, added: “iconik is all about enabling collaboration and that is something OCS is really embracing with this implementation. Not only can it more easily share content with all external and internal stakeholders, iconik has enabled it to automate a great deal of its workflows. All of this means that OCS can concentrate on what it does best: generating large volumes of premium content.”

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