Dutch broadcaster Omrop Fryslân becomes first in Europe to rely on LiveU’s Air Control solution

Omrop Fryslân, a broadcaster from The Netherlands, has become the first European company to deploy Air Control from LiveU in this broadcast industry.

Omrop Fryslân, based in the northern Netherlands, first became a LiveU customer back in 2013. Gradually has expanded its range of solution relying in LiveU capacity. As Martin Wijbenga, Head Programme Technician with Omrop Fryslân, said, “LiveU’s IP bonding technology, and remote control capabilities, makes the company’s hardware and software perfect for us.” The entire supply over the years has been carried out by Heynen.

“At the start of the project – elections for city councils – we discussed the approach of combining the best of a TV and radio show. We wanted to have an attractive TV show with the speed and dynamism of radio, covering as much of local city council elections as possible with as many interviews as possible. To be able to do that without having a reporter at every location where there was a possible interviewee, we needed to provide a stable connection to them in a simple way. And that’s where Air Control came in,” announces Wijbenga.

“Besides the 10 reporters in the field that connected via their LiveU bonded transmission units/app, we had one LiveU receiver especially for Air Control. A few hours before the show, we invited all the different city council spokespeople to the Air Control solution and we quickly tested the video/audio. During our live show, all the spokespeople could connect to Air Control as soon as they had preliminary results of the elections. Omrop Fryslân could talk to interviewees via a simple USB headset on a laptop and could then switch that feed to air, if desired, without having to use non-broadcast systems like Teams or Zoom,” explains Wijbenga.

“We are very grateful to both LiveU and Heynen, providing us with not only the cloud solutions we need but also supplying the service required to get these up and running quickly. Air Control is easy to use, reliable and provides very good on-air quality,” concludes Wijbenga.

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