Ooona integrates its cybersecurity solutions with Hudson Rock

Ooona has announced that has added security features to its Integrated platform though a partnership with Hudson Rock. The objective has been to protect customers from cybercrime attacks.

Hudson Rock is a cybercrime intelligence company specializing in threat intelligence solutions. It is manned by a team with a background in the Israel Defense Forces.

“Our cybercrime intelligence allows companies to identify and deal with cyberattacks originating from compromised credentials,” explains Roi Carthy, CEO at Hudson Rock. “This guarantees higher threat prevention rates, limiting the chances of your company‚Äôs processes being disrupted. Cavalier, our threat intelligence monitoring and notification platform, notifies security teams about employees, customers, partners and third parties that had their computers compromised through global malware spreading campaigns. We offer an API integration of Cavalier into any platform and are very pleased to have added Ooona to the list of companies we integrate with.”

Ooona Integrated is a combination of Manager and the full suite of Tools in a system that addresses media localization need. Hosted on AWS and continuously tested and monitored, Ooona Integrated is a secure and scalable solution for use by organizations of any size. Cavalier, its latest security feature, makes Ooona Integrated a media localization platform in the market to incorporate safeguards against intelligence threat ransomware, business espionage, breaches and network overtakes.

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