Open Broadcast Systems releases high-performance SRT implementation and PTP measurement tool

Open Broadcast Systems has released a high-performance SRT implementation in its encoders and decoders, developed entirely in-house using modern software development techniques. This implementation enables interoperability with numerous third-party products.

The company has added SRT support to its equipment, making it easier to bridge SDI and ST2110 environments on the ground with cloud processing environments using the SRT protocol. Additionally, this implementation complements the existing support for Zixi and RIST, offering customers a wide range of industry-supported formats.

“Many content providers are using the SRT protocol to send and receive video over the internet. By creating a highly sophisticated in-house implementation, we are able to provide the highest reliability possible for our customers,” said Kieran Kunhya, founder and CEO of Open Broadcast Systems.

On the other hand, Open Broadcast Systems has announced the release of its internal tool for measuring PTP and ST 2110 streams. This tool aims to provide simple sanity checks for ST 2110 streams. It is designed to help end-users quickly diagnose PTP and timestamp issues in the field without the need for extensive packet captures over many days. However, it does not aim to provide a deep mathematical analysis of ST 2110, as tools like EBU LIST are better suited for that purpose. Instead, it aims to strike a balance between an operational tool and a detailed analysis tool.

This tool was developed during the stay-at-home portion of the pandemic to develop the ST 2110 functions of their C-200 encoders and decoders and, as a result, doesn’t require any form of remote desktop capability and uses standard Linux libraries with few dependencies.

It supports functions related to ST 2110-20 (video) packet arrival time and RTP-PTP offset measurements, ST 2110-30 (audio) RTP-PTP offset measurements, and ST 2022-6 (SDI over IP) first packet arrival time relative to PTP alignment point measurements. The tool supports different network cards with various timestamping approaches to cross-check results.

Readers interested in this tool can download and run ptpmeasure via Open Broadcast System’s website.

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