Ross Video celebrates the fifteenth birthday of its openGear platform

Ross concieved OpenGear as a tool to make costumer lives easier. That platform was created with the objective to remove the uncertainty around the interoperability of signal processing cards from different manufacturers. And the company has never wanted to take advantage of the standard they just created. In essence, Ross “wanted to create something that would be free and openly available, and which would directly address this problem our customers were having”, as Eric Goodmurphy, Head of Ross Video’s Infrastructure, has commented. Fifteen years later openGear has become a standard with more than one hundred partners that are following the original blueprint.

Today, openGear customers may choose the best option for each one in a wide array of video solutions that go from SD to 4K UHD, digital audio, IRD’s, IP or fiber. Tomorrow, concerning to Ross Video future plans, in Bill Rounopoulos, Business Development Manager, words, “the growth of openGear platform will continues improving innovation and the platform will keeps adapting as the market and its technology evolves”. In fact, DashBoard appeared at 2018 with the aim to work hand by hand with openGear in order to help customers to meet their necessities, solve their challenges and fit their budgets. And, as openGear was concieved, DashBoard was released open to use and will remain open for everyone.

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