Openview launches Ultraview, a Pay-TV Bouquet Leveraging NAGRA Security Solutions

Openview has announced that has extended its relationship with NAGRA to secure Ultraview, its new pay-TV offering.

Currently offering two bouquets, PRIDE, comprised of two channels catering to the LGBTQIA+ community, and SPICE, comprised of two channels catering to the Indian diaspora, the operator has plans to launch a further two additional bouquets later this year.

In addition to securing existing content, NAGRA provides Openview with a scalable solution that offers the option to range additional paid content as required over time. The approach ensures the secure availability of exclusive content made available as part of these bouquets or separately. New content could include additional pay-per-view content or pop-up channels and events.

“We are proud to extend our partnership with Openview which demonstrates our mutual teams’ desire to innovate together and use NAGRA solutions to drive and monetize change”, said Nancy Goldberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at NAGRA. We wish OpenView enormous success with their new Ultraview proposition as they explore new business models and reach new audiences.”

“NAGRA has played an instrumental role as a trusted partner in evolving our business from solely a free-to-air service to now including a paid option with Ultraview,” said Khalik Sherrif, Group CEO at eMedia Investments. “Knowing that all of our channels, whether free-to-air or subscription-based, are protected is essential as we invest in new content to attract new audiences.”

Openview is operated by Platco Digital, part of the eMedia Group that operates commercial channel e-tv.

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