Osprey Video integrates its encoding solutions into the capabilities of the Red5 Pro streaming platform

Osprey Video has announced a partnership with Red5 Pro. This company is a software for real-time interactive video streaming provider. The partnership brings together Osprey Video’s Talon 4K and UHD encoders and decoders with the Red5 Pro platform.

“We are excited about the partnership with Osprey Video, as they are perfectly aligned with our strategic interests from a hardware perspective, delivering ultra-low-latency encoding for our real-time streaming platform,” said Chris Allen, CEO of Red5 Pro.

Red5 Pro provides real-time video streaming with less than 500-millisecond latency. Users can cluster Red5 Pro instances to support millions of concurrent viewers and can autoscale on whatever cloud platform they choose. They can also integrate their apps with SDKs for all major browsers and native apps on iOS, Android, and soon, Embedded Linux.

Osprey Video’s Talon 4K/UHD 10-bit HEVC/AVC hardware encoders ingest and deliver up to 4K DCI resolutions at latency of less than 100 milliseconds. They have integrated an onramp to the Red5 Pro platform through the Talon hardware encoders, which are installed on-premises, either in a control room, connected to a camera, or as part of the master control in front of a stage. Any SDI or HDMI source up to true 4K resolutions connects directly to the Talon input, and the unit delivers feeds up to 4K60p over IP in RTMP, SRT, or WHIP.

Red5 Pro ingests the feed from the Talon, transcodes it with real-time bit-rate, and sends it directly to multiple users simultaneously and synchronously.

“Red5 Pro is ideally suited for live events, especially in the growing sports segment. The platform’s interactive streaming capabilities allow content providers to personalize the sporting event, leading to greater monetization opportunities — especially with emerging new use cases in the sporting world. like betting and watch parties,” said Scott Whitcomb, chief revenue officer at Osprey Video. “Together, Osprey Video and Red5 Pro are going to lead the charge within these industries to set a standard never before achieved in streaming video.”

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