UK production company Over Exposed relied on LiveU material to cover the Vitality London race

Over Exposed is a British production company that recently relied on LiveU equipment for 5G remote production coverage of the recent Vitality London 10K race. The company previously owned four units and expanded to six to create mobile coverage of this event.

“This is a very well-established event and we have a strong relationship with the London Marathon. They posed the question as to how we could make the coverage as engaging and energetic as possible, and as cost-effectively. So, we did precisely that with LiveU. Because of the scale, having a partner of Gravity Media’s expertise was invaluable,” values Russell Martin, co-owner of Over Exposed.

The production company deployed a mix of LU300 and multi-cam LU800 units. It provided the on-site technical facilities, acquisition of the feeds via LiveU and then the management of those feeds back to Gravity Media. Gravity Media’s remote production gallery received the feeds and handled the production – commentary, graphics and anything else required – before distributing to London Marathon’s YouTube channel and the BBC Red Button service.

They used roaming cameras and LiveU units to allow presenters to move about freely and three motorbikes with LiveU units to follow the runners.

Ryan Goad, Head of Communications at London Marathon Events, said, “The coverage achieved at the Vitality London 10,000 was excellent. The motorbike-based footage was crystal clear and helped to bring to life a fantastic collection of elite races, as well as give a real sense of the varying emotions of the thousands of mass participation runners that took part in the event. The cost saving that comes with using this technology also can’t be ignored given how significant it is.”

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