OWNZONES allows content projects to continue remotely during the Covid-19 crisis

UI of OWNZONES solution

OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies, a cloud-based video supply chain company, is helping studios and post houses around the world respond to the growing global consumption of content through its remotely compatible cloud-based platform, OWNZONES Connect™.

OWNZONES Connect is the “next-gen content servicing and supply chain platform”, according to the press release. Connect was designed natively in the cloud to join the fragmented pieces of many post-production workflows by replacing multiple vendors, non-compatible formats and expensive data servers. Through Connect, users can transcode video content “up to 35 times faster while reducing costs up to 90 percent”.

The demand for content has increased significantly due to the COVID-19 virus. However, production has slowed dramatically, and even stopped for studios and content companies. They are looking at their vast libraries to try and fill the demand and OWNZONES is helping them conform their content and deliver it to global platforms through its cloud-based infrastructure.

OWNZONES is helping studios and content owners respond by encoding, packaging, and delivering content remotely. With OWNZONES Connect, professionals can securely log into the cloud-based platform via a browser window and continue to process content and fulfill orders. Remote Connect users can get the full processing power of a data centre from a browser in their living room. Connect can scale up to 1000 nodes in the cloud with 7000 processors.

“With billions of dollars at stake and an audience with a voracious appetite, business continuity is critical for the content industry as it grapples with the impact of shutting down operations because of the global pandemic,” says Rick Phelps, CCO, OWNZONES. “While the movement to the cloud is likely not going to enable the industry to kick start filming at any time soon, for productions already in the cloud, it can enable remote working in many parts of the chain, and lead to their completion in order to continue delivering content to consumers who are in need of entertainment and solace throughout the coronavirus crisis.”

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