Panasonic implements remote and automated recording in the Romanian reality show “The Bride”

“The Bride”, produced by Antena 1 in Romania, trusts Panasonic for its shooting. Particularly, the production team has implemented 4K PTZ cameras, 4K Live Switcher, P2 camcorders and professional displays to produce the show 24/7. Antena 1 chose CBSPRO and Panasonic to provide an end to end multicam solution.

The Bride reality show is produced by Antena 1 in a large 1000 sqm studio which was completely build from scratch for this particular show. The reality show is produced 24/7 and has a mix of live daily broadcasts as well as daily stories inserts and online distribution.

The locations consist of one large live studio, a second live studio in the living area, bedrooms, kitchen, gym, hallways and terrace areas. The main live studio is equipped with seven P2HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorderers AJPX5000 which are the main cameras for the live daily show. The living room area is equipped with three AW-UE150 PTZ cameras installed on motorized lifts. The AW-UE150 cameras are used both for 24/7 recording as well as for the live sessions. The kitchen is equipped with one AW-UE150 PTZ camera, as main camera on a motorized lift, and AW-UE70 remote cameras. The rest of the space is covered by 28 AW-UE70 PTZ cameras prepared for day and night shoots. For the night shoots RayLED IR lights have been installed. All the cameras are poweredby PoE and are delivering HD-SDI signals to the control rooms.

The PTZ cameras are controlled by four AW-RP150 touch screen remote cameracontrollers installed in the main control room.

There are two control rooms. One mainly used for the live daily shows and the second one used for the 24/7 production which is recorded and post processed for the daily highlights. The main vision mixer for the production is AV-HS7300 4ME live switcher operated simultaneously by two AV-HS60C2 control panels and by two AV-HS60C3G GUI monitors. The monitoring of the signals is done with the AV-HS7300 mixer on nine TH-65SF2E and two TH-55SF2E Panasonic professional displays.

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