Panasonic unveils new features for KAIROS live video production platform

Workflow of Panasonic Kairos Platform

Panasonic Corporation has announced the release of a software version upgrade (V1.1) of its “KAIROS” IT/IP platform for live video production, scheduled for March 2021. The previous version of KAIROS can be upgraded to the new V1.1 version for free.

Panasonic released the KAIROS IT/IP platform to the market in September 2020. Based on the IP-based interface and the use of GPU for image processing, KAIROS allows flexible live video production by “unrestricted resolution or aspect ratio and with unlimited number of MEs and keys”. According to the company, it adapts to new technologies and “responds to cutting-edge needs” by supporting multi-screen display, LED wall and IP-based remote operation. What’s more, KAIROS’ open software architecture “ensures excellent system flexibility and scalability”, adds Panasonic.

The version V1.1 expands the system compatibility, offering MacOS-compatible GUI software, interlaced video input and ST2110 audio input/output. The new version also adds new features and functions such as the variable frame delay, clip/RAM player playlist function and title generator. Panasonic has enhanced the connectivity with other companies’ equipment and systems and supports AUX bus control from LAWO vsmSNAP panel.

These are the upgraded items in KAIROS Version 1.1:

System compatibility enhancements:

  • MacOS (Catalina/Big Sur) supported by Kairos Creator GUI software (AT-SFC10).
  • I/P conversion of input enables the use of 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i interlaced video inputs.
  • Audio input/output supported by ST2110-30 (AES67) interface.
  • Display of audio bar on multi-viewer
  • Clip player audio outputs
  • Audio output routing possible
  • PTP (Precision Time Protocol) synchronization supported by GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) port.

New functions

  • Variable frame delay (1 to 12 frames per 1-frame step) for each channel.
  • Playlist function added to Clip/RAM player.
  • Built-in title generator for easy title production.

Expanded connectivity with other companies’ systems

  • AUX bus control and Macro control from LAWO vsmSNAP panel

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