Paperlyte Films deploys Ross Video technology at E3 2019

Hardware: Carbonite Ultra production switcher of Ross Video

The Carbonite Ultra production switcher, Ross Talk and the Xpression graphics platform of Ross Video powered several stages of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) for Paperlyte Films, production partners for gaming and esports clients such as Twitch, Ubisoft or Facebook Gaming.

Bryce Richardson, Executive Producer at Paperlyte Films, tells his experience with Ross’ technology: “We’ve had a very positive experience so far integrating the Carbonite Ultra production switcher into our production environments. We often operate with limited space, setup time and highly technical shows and the Carbonite Ultra switcher helps us deliver on all fronts. We continue to unlock even more Ross power from the integration directly with XPression, allowing for some amazing live harmonization you cannot easily achieve with other switchers.”

It’s not the first time that Paperlyte trusts Ross. David Greene, technical director, explains why Carbonite is his preferred production switcher: “As a TD, you never know when a client or director might have an idea on the fly for an animation or box look, and the ability to bring someone’s idea to life while still in show helps create the best experience. I wouldn’t want to do these shows on any other switcher.”

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