CJ OliveNetworks.Co implements Pebble’s playout solution with integrator Besco

Pebble has recently announced the appointment of Besco as its channel partner in Korea. The partnerships brings another playout technologies in the Korean market. It is a combination of Pebble’s Automation, Integrated Channel and Pebble Remote (web-based monitoring) solutions for CJP, now known as CJ OliveNetworks.Co.,Ltd. Besco has been leading on an installation of a series of Pebble solutions including Pebble Automation, Integrated Channel and Pebble Remote, bringing 11 channels to air in the first phase.

Besco, which is an equipment and services provider from Korea, has supported Pebble in translating its user manuals into Korean, and provides first line support on the company’s behalf. Also, it has been fundamental on supporting successful Pebble test systems prior to the implementation of the large scale channels.

“The Korean market is one of the most technically advanced in APAC,” said Samir Isbaih, Pebble’s VP Sales, Middle East and APAC. “Pebble has market leading solutions that are both flexible and technically demanding, providing a combination of different I/O (SDI,NDI,IP compressed and uncompressed), extensive redundancy schemes (1+1+1), multiple graphic plugins, on-premises/remote operations and much more, all in one system. Combined with Besco’s local expertise and support, Pebble is confident we can offer the Korean market the most technically compelling solutions in broadcast playout automation and IP broadcasting. I’m delighted that we have managed to deliver our first setup in Korea with the region’s biggest broadcaster.”

Besco CEO, Young Bae Kim, said: “We are thrilled to have become a trusted channel partner for Pebble in Korea and are excited to become an integral part of the company’s expansion. We’re looking forward to growing this partnership and providing ongoing support to Pebble by offering its world class solutions to the broadcast community in the APAC region and what better way to start than with CJ OliveNetworks.Co.,Ltd.”

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