Pebble teams up with Nvidia to integrate Prima platform with Holoscan for media

Pebble, specialized in automation, content management, and integrated channel solutions, has just announced a strategic collaboration with Nvidia. This partnership will see Pebble’s Prima platform seamlessly integrated with Nvidia Holoscan for Media, empowering Pebble’s clientele with enhanced media capabilities. The fruits of this collaboration will be showcased at the Pebble booth, West Hall, W3267, during the NAB Show 2024.

Prima, short for Platform for Real-Time Integrated Media Applications, stands as a cutting-edge Linux/Kubernetes-based software platform tailored to cater to the multifaceted needs of modern media and broadcast organizations. Offering flexibility in deployment, top-tier security, economic scalability, and centralized management, Prima is engineered to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of media businesses.

On the other hand, Nvidia Holoscan for Media represents a neutral, adaptable, hybrid, IP-based platform architecture designed to facilitate the development and deployment of media applications. This open-source platform adheres to industry standards and APIs, including SMPTE ST 2110, AMWA NMOS, RIST, SRT, and NDI.

Under Nvidia’s early-access program for Holoscan for Media, Prima will initially support a core set of applications, including playout, workflow, and IP management and control. These applications complement Pebble’s existing suite of market-leading playout solutions, expanding their functionalities.

Daniel Robinson, Pebble’s Head of Product, elaborates, “By embracing Nvidia Holoscan for Media, Pebble can introduce Prima into dynamic media facilities, in line with the EBU’s recommendations. This approach allows multiple media applications to operate on a shared compute platform, reducing administrative overheads, and maximizing resource utilization. Nvidia Holoscan for Media also provides reference architectures for scalable Kubernetes environments, ensuring support for PTP, high-bandwidth networks, ST 2110, and GPUs.”

Guillaume Polaillon, Product Line Manager for Live Media Solutions at Nvidia, adds, “Broadcast and entertainment studios seek cutting-edge architectures that offer sustainability and cost-saving opportunities to meet their extensive media requirements. By leveraging Holoscan for Media, PRIMA brings these innovative solutions to fruition, offering enhanced scalability and security for media workflows, ushering in a new era of broadcast and media content.”

Pebble has collaborated closely with Nvidia to establish a robust ecosystem, guaranteeing essential services such as networking, storage, and traffic management for users to harness.

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