Philadelphia Eagles rely on Haivision’s capabilities for remote production of their games

Haivision Systems has announced that the Philadelphia Eagles – the famed American soccer team in the United States – are using its Makito X4 video encoders and decoders to transmit live multi-camera, synchronized video feeds. They do this from remote venues to their studio and their goal is to produce pre- and post-game content for fans.

When the team travels to away games, the Philadelphia Eagles live stream content for the viewing public on YouTube and Facebook, as well as the website and mobile app.

Representatives of the press department comment that they carry out the production by installing the cameras on the field, on the sideline and in the end zone. In the unknown stadiums they have to manage the frequencies and cabling. Once the cameras are in place, the video signals must be synchronized and delivered with sub-second latency to their studio in Philadelphia.

All of this deployment involved them transporting a lot of equipment, increasing the expense and logistical challenge. In order to reduce setup time, cost and logistical complexity, the Philadelphia Eagles turned to Haivision’s compact Makito X4 encoder to encode four HD video inputs simultaneously with very low latency and keep the output streams synchronized.

“It allows us to simultaneously send synchronized four-camera streams to our studio in 200 milliseconds,” says David Sullivan, Senior Broadcast and Media Engineer for the Philadelphia Eagles. “It was a total game changer. We turned it on and immediately saw the benefits. The Makito X4 has not only made our workflows easier and faster to set up, but it has also made our overall production look better.”

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