Brazil’s Pinnacle Group becomes official Kiloview distributor

Kiloview announces that its new distributor in Brazil is Pinnacle Group. This company now fulfils the role of official support and offers specialized technical service of the brand.

“We are very excited about the new partnership between Kiloview and Pinnacle Group as this aligns with our global strategy in reinforcing Kiloview’s value-added supply chain for our customers in Brazil. Kiloview ecosystem and products complete a lot of workflow solutions and the support for NDI, NDI|HX, SRT and other protocols make it the perfect solution in a lot of installations which helps content creators enhancing their live broadcast and production capabilities” said Judy Zuo, VP of Kiloview.

“As always happens in the audiovisual market, many factories are looking for companies that represent them and can offer their distribution, support, assistance and other services. On this occasion, we are pleased and happy to be chosen by Kiloview as official distributor in the region”, commented CEO of Pinnacle Group, Ricardo Lopez.

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